About Mortimus

Mortimus Clay is the most prolific author writing posthumously in the world today. Dead since 1885, Professor Clay’s first book was published in 2009.

While alive Mortimus Clay was a failure as an author. Scorned by editors, laughed at by fellow writers, Mortimus spent his life trying to emulate his hero Charles Dickens, but instead ended up living like a character in a Dickens novel.

During the day he served as Professor of Arts and Letters at Her Majesty’s Knitting College for Wayward Girls, but his evenings were spent writing late into the night in his unheated Manchester flat. He died there one day, penniless and alone.

But it was the best thing to ever happen to the old boy as his writing took an immediate turn for the better.

About The Weirdling Cycle

tpbcov-206x300Book 1, The Purloined Boy

The Purloined Boy is about a boy who is stolen by a bogeyman and taken to a city called, Superbia. There he is raised with other stolen children by the Guardians. The Guardians serve the interests of the bogeymen though. And what are those interests? If you have an appetite for dystopian fantasy, you can read the book and find out. Fortunately for our hero there is a conspiracy working to save the thousands of stolen children in Superbia. Even better, there s a talking mouse who comes to the boy’s aid and promises to take him home. There is only one proviso.


fey_brand_cover_fullsizeBook 2, The Fey Brand

The adventure continues as Trevor and Maggie flee from Superbia and seek the Fey Brand, a talisman of great power that they are promised will, “change everything”. Along the way they are helped by Mother Root and Grandaddy Longlegs, but they eventually find themselves waylaid in a city of treacherous rabbits. Then some bogeys show up.

Eventually they find themselves at the very edge of the world. Then things get really interesting.

Soon to be released on Kindle!